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Fengshui House 家居风水

Feng shui is an ancient science of environment which aims at rechanneling the energy around you in order to create more positivity and allow you to lead a better life.

Fengshui Bedroom 睡房

The bedroom is the most comfortable part of the house for many people. If you are planning for bedroom Feng shui, you might need the help as to where to start.If you are not an ..

Fengshui Kitchen 厨房

According to feng shui, bedroom is the most important part of the house. The place the follows your bedroom in terms of importance is the kitchen. In Feng shui, kitchen is the..

Fengshui Office 商宅

Do you know that feng shui for office can help you in many ways? Whether you have an office, shop-lot, or factory, everything can be transformed..

Fengshui Living Room客厅

Creating the Feng Shui for your living room is not very difficult. Remember that no matter the place you are transforming using the feng shui science….

Fengshui Factory 工厂

When it comes to feng shui, most of the people think about their home or office. However, factory is also a place where people work nd thus it is important to have the positive flow…


我在多年前借了一笔钱给多年不见的朋友周转, 但他却迟迟不愿归还,在机缘巧合下,我请 了杨师父前来看了我家的风水, 在一个月后, 朋友突然前来把钱全数归还,因此我由衷的感 激杨师父的帮忙。 Many years ago I borrowed a sum of money to the long lost friend for business use, but he was reluctant to return, in chance, I asked Master Jong came to read my home fengshui, a month later, a friend suddenly to return the money in full, so I sincerely appreciate the help of Master Jong.

. 刘先生Mr. Law, 雪兰莪 Selangor

杨师父为人亲切, 并且很乐意帮助我解决许多风水上难题,由于我的办公室风水欠佳, 经过 师父的禳解,如今生意已渐上轨道 Master Jong is a kind person and very willing to help me to solve many problems on fengshui, especially to solve my bad office fengshui and now my business is gradually on track

麦先生 Mr. Mak, 新加玻 Singapore

我对于风水一直是抱着半信半疑的态度, 在一次机缘下,我请了杨师父前来为我的新家勘察 风水,在杨师父的指点下,我觉得家里的气场变得让人有说不出的舒适。杨师父从不提倡人们过于迷信风水,凡事都适而可止,中庸即可 I am used to very skeptical to fengshui. In one occassion, Master Jong came to my new house for fengshui consultation, under the guidance of Master Jong, my home becomes harmonized and comfort to family members. Master Jong never advocates too superstitious to fengshui, but moderation will do best.

詹小姐 Ms Chiam, 蒲种 Puchong

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